Estate Party

18th August 2013

The party gave everyone living on Myddleton Grange a chance to have a fun day, meet friends and neighbours, enjoy where we live, we believe in community! The party had a bit of a rocky start due to a few issues but we were all able to carry on and enjoy the rest of the day.

We would like to congratulate and thank all of those lovely people who helped us re-locate the party  - there aren’t many places that could move an entire party in one journey!

We look forward to the next gathering soon.

The Party Begins in the Central Gardens…

in the park

arrowTime to relocate!

everyone helping leave
arrowEveryone helps and moves the entire party in one journey!

And we've gone
arrowAnd we’re gone…

The Party continues near to the Community Centre, everyone is able to enjoy the rest of the day.
With Limbo, music, food, a quiz, games and lots of Fruit and Veg bags!!